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Elon Musk Trolls the Oldest Car Company in America During Cybertruck Reveal, Ford Can’t be Happy!

It almost seems like Elon Musk can’t be discussed without bringing up some sort of innovation. Thinking outside the box has kind of become his thing. For a couple of examples, we can look toward features that he has pioneered with the Tesla brand. From vehicles that drive themselves to a mode that will allow people to keep their dog inside their vehicle on a hot day, Musk has thought outside the box across the board.

However, his latest creation is something that really kind of stomps on anything conventional. In fact, when the Cybertruck came out, some even speculated that it was some sort of elaborate joke. Obviously, the vehicle doesn’t fall anywhere within the norm as far as its looks go. It really almost looks like something from a science fiction film. Instead, it is very much real as people have already begun to place their orders. In fact, over 200,000 of these things already have been accounted for.

Revealing this truck on its own probably would’ve been enough to get the spotlight. Nobody in their right mind is going to scroll by the pickup without taking a second look. However, Elon and company decided to step it up a little bit beyond that. In fact, several demonstrations really showed off impressive this vehicle is.

There was a lot to absorb in the presentation. One thing that seems to have slipped under the radar is the tug-of-war that Musk played with one of America’s most storied automakers. In the video below, we watch as Elon takes on Ford, head-to-head. We’re certainly no psychics but we would be pretty inclined to say that Ford most likely wasn’t too happy about this. It’ll be interesting to see how they respond to the use of their F-150.


In fact, Musk might’ve just sparked a war with the oldest and most experienced car company in America.