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Elon Musk’s Latest SpaceX Plans Will Have you Packing Your Bags… For Mars

When it comes to names that seem to really have come out of nowhere and burst their way into the mainstream media, really making a sizable and measurable impact in a short time, you can look no further than Elon Musk to lead that pack. At first, most people knew him for the Tesla brand, the electric vehicle monster that we all know and love that seemed to really innovate upon the foundation that is electric cars and bring it into the mainstream. From there, we would learn that Musk has been developing other revolutionary brands as well and they would really surpass the Tesla, putting lightyears on the electric cars that we saw as so innovative and showing us what the brainpower of Musk is really all about. As we learn more and more about this guy, one begins to think that he has some sort of alien superpower. He just seems to be that darn intelligent.

Now, either Musk has some pretty great things up his sleeve or he is the overestimator of a century. However, if what the latest that his SpaceX program is promising comes to fruition, then there’s a possibility that we can see human cities arise on Mars within many of our lifetimes, about 4-5 years to be more precise. A recent release would have Musk laying out a more detailed plan of exactly what he expects SpaceX to accomplish by the year 2021 and you’d better strap in because it’s about to get good.

Elon starts out by explaining cargo ships that will make their way to the red planet and eventually leads to some more cargo ships that will then have crew on board and eventually, bases will form which will be followed by cities, cultivating the essentials for life such as water and from there, Musk tells us that it will just keep on growing and growing. Basically, he is making something sound so incredibly simple and within reach that all of humanity hasn’t been able to wrap their reality around up until this point.

After checking out the video below that shows off Musk’s keynote which gives us a detailed explanation of what we can expect to see from him and SpaceX, be sure to tell us what you think of the future of the space program and exactly how the human race moving to Mars will pan out in your eyes. At the end of the day, whether or not all goes according to plan, it’s still pretty incredible that we are even able to discuss such things in a realistic context.