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Emily is Building a Custom 280Z From The Ground Up For The Hot Rod Power Tour 2017 – Part 1

When it comes to putting together your own version of a hot rod, the road is almost never easy. Sure, on television, you might be able to watch a car come together in just a couple of hours, but in reality, the whole process can take weeks, months, even years to realistically happen.

This time, however, we go behind the scenes with Emily Williams Reeves to check out her efforts to bring a Datsun 280z together in just five weeks to make the date for the Hot Rod Power Tour early in June. It’s a tall task to say the least and is definitely going to take some long hours and probably involve some busted knuckles.

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Right now, the car might be nothing more than a shell without an engine, transmission, or even an interior, but the idea is to piece it together, one part at a time and quickly watch the finished product come more into view, hoping that the car will be a competitor when all is said and done.

Check out the video down below as Emily gives us the rundown on exactly what it is that you can expect to unfold as Power Tour draws closer and closer!


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