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A Look Inside Eminem’s Car Collection, How He Spends His Millions.

When it comes to some of the most prominent figures that we see in Hollywood, the life associated with their earnings is quite lavish. For some entertainers, it gets to the point where it seems like they can almost purchase just about anything. Imagine waking up and deciding you wanted a new dream car. This is followed by heading down to the dealer and buying it in cash. No second thoughts are necessary.

Now, obviously, there’s always going to be some sort of exclusion with a concept like this. I’m not sure that there are too many people who would turn down the opportunity to live like Eminem, though. With a prolific career, it seems like he has really put together quite the collection of toys for himself. When we really break it down, Eminem is one of the biggest stars that the world has ever seen. Transcending boundaries, both physical and imaginary, he has risen to be worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

In this one, we get to take a quick tour through his car collection and other fun riches. It’s fun to see what kind of vehicles Em enjoys to get behind the wheel of. It seems like there’s a very strong influence of Euro rides here. It’s kind of surprising that we don’t see more American muscle given that he originates from Detroit.

We took the liberty of escorting the video below to the part at the end where he’s talking about his vehicles. However, for those who want to skip back and enjoy the rest of the tour, they will find that Em has quite the tastes. While some prefer to live a bit more modestly, we would argue that Eminem is all about the best that money can buy.

After taking the grand tour down below, be sure to tell us what your favorite part of the artist’s collection is. There is certainly no shortage of money being tossed around here.

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