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Engine Won’t Fit? Cut a Hole in the Hood! Turbo SBF Mustang = Wild Street Car

If you’ve ever wrenched around in the garage, trying to build your ultimate version of whatever machine is in your head, you know that it doesn’t always come easy. Sometimes, you might need to figure out a little bit of a custom tweak here and there along with maybe removing some of the parts of a vehicle that would get in the way if you need to install some equipment that wasn’t there from the factory. This is especially apparent in a performance setups because sometimes, there’s a lot of stuff that you need to cram under the hood that wouldn’t fit there without removing parts of the vehicle.

This time, we check out a Fox Body Ford Mustang that has had a little bit of modification done as apparently the intake manifold would not fit under the factory hood and after running a raised cowl hood for a little bit, the owner would decide that he didn’t like the way that it looked so he simply decided to put a stock hood back on, cutting a hole out where the new parts didn’t necessarily agree with the factory hood. To be honest, it might even look a little bit cooler this way, depending on who you ask, as this thing is bad to the bone and the owner isn’t afraid to show it off!

If you follow along in the video below, you’ll be able to check out a session of racing with this wild pony as the stock bottom end Ford engine really gets those gears turning with a little bit of turbo boost that makes this thing rush its way down the track to a couple of impressive passes that the owner says are just the beginning as he’s only getting the first couple of passes on the car for the season. Who knows, maybe we’ll see this thing again rolling even faster once he gets the opportunity to really dial it in.