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Forget Hobby Models, Engineer Turned a Real Car Into Transformer

When the first live-action Transformers movie came out back in 2007, it might have seemed like a crazy idea. After all, up until then, the story existed only as a comic and a cartoon. How exactly it would become successful with human actors remained a mystery at the time. When we all saw the trailer, we might’ve been a little bit skeptical. Even though it featured one of the biggest names in the business in Mark Wahlberg, it seemed like a sort of gimmick. However, as time would tell the story, eventually it became one of the biggest movie franchises in history.

Naturally, Transformers has built up a massive following since then. The movie has been popular enough to generate millions, billions of dollars and spiral into a whole collection of sequels. With such massive success naturally comes a whole group of peripheral opportunities. From apparel to other merchandise like toys, Transformers really has had its name all over everything. For fans looking to really go above and beyond to show off their fandom, there are plenty of chances to buy into the hype. For one engineer, though, he decided to show off his love for Transformers in another way.

By following along with the video below, we check out a rather unique ode to the story. Instead of going out and purchasing something, this guy decided to create his very own real-life Transformer from scratch. This isn’t a scaled-down toy, either. This creation just so happens to be a full-size car that has been molded into something that could make it on screen! If we’re talking about really going above and beyond to show off fandom, this is really the poster child for that concept. People have really fallen in love with the franchise but not many have taken it this far!