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What do Enthusiasts Think is the Best Sports Car For Less Than $10,000?

Sometimes, when it comes to luxuries, no everybody is going to have an extravagant budget. Any sort of fun car is likely going to fall into this category unless you can make it your daily driver, too.

In the real world, disposable income isn’t always super padded. Even for those with a little bit more to spend, though, perhaps a budget built car is the one that they desire. Sometimes, preferences might dictate a cheaper platform that’s built-in one’s own garage as opposed to a brand-new car bought off of the shelf. Heck, these budget cars might even be fine to drive around in stock form.

This time, the topic of discussion is the best sports cars available on the market for under $10,000. Previously, VINWiki put together a piece about the best cars on the market under $60,000. While $60,000 isn’t unreachable for the average person, many would consider it a couple of steps away.

This time, though, we dive into a more obtainable price point. At $10,000, we don’t think that there is a much more affordable bracket of a fun car. Could there potentially be some gems hiding out in this price range, though? I guess that all depends on what somebody is looking for. We think that there are quite a couple of models in this bracket that could be serviceable toys and maybe even collectibles.

By following along with the video below, we watch as car experts and YouTubers alike come together over this topic. It certainly is interesting to see how different people perceive the $10,000 budget. Some are rather excited about their choices and others seem to think that $10,000 couldn’t really buy much of anything.

If you were left to such a budget, what would your choice be? Do you think that any of these folks hit the nail on the head with their selection?