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Epic Gas Monkey Ford GT Hits the Track

Epic Gas Monkey Ford GT Hits the Track

Gas Monkey Garage has been known to put together some builds that are truly head turners and will make any onlooker drop their jaw in amazement. This Ford GT is certainly no different.

The car has been brought back to life and done over top to bottom with a 4.0L Whipple Supercharger, new cams, and exhaust, which amount to about 800hp. All of that is topped off with a trick airride suspension and shiny black coat of paint giving this GT a true 1 of 1 appearance.

How do you celebrate making your way to the finish of the long journey of putting something awesome like this together? Well, that’s simple, you respect its power by taking it out to the track!

Check it out below as Aaron and Richard load up the 800hp GMGT and head out to the Circuit of the Americas to see how this monster feels going around the track a couple of times!

Check out where it all began in the video below!