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World First Paraplegic Backflip on a Motorbike

Posted by: Matt Wright on October 23, 2015

World First Paraplegic Backflip on a Motorbike

If you have ever felt like the world is up against you and there’s nothing that you can do but break down and quit, we have quite the motivational story that should go a long way towards inspiring you to do better.

This time, we check out Bruce Cook who seemed to be out of commission after wrecking on a big stunt would leave him without the use of his legs.

To most people, such a travesty would indicate the end of any kind of motorcycle related activities, but to Bruce the journey had just begun.

Check out the video below that shows us how Bruce overcame the odds that were stacked up against him and became the first paraplegic man to ever perform a backflip on a motorcycle. If this doesn’t inspire you then we don’t know what will!

This backflip below shows how to properly load a dirtbike into a truck.



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