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ETS Sets New GT-R Horsepower Record, This Thing SCREAMS

If there’s one platform across the world of racing that I think most people with their head screwed on straight would agree is one of the hardest hitting, the Nissan GT-R would be that platform. With a pretty stable base to start from, it seems like a lot of folks enjoy taking these GT-Rs and stretching them to their limits. Even past that, some people like to really get crazy and begin to modify the cars, upgrading everything from the turbos on down. Depending on how vast your wallet can expand and how much effort you’re looking to put into your car, these things can get really insane, to say the least.

If you happen to be a fan of these cars and the highly modified versions of them which, I think that most of us are, you’ve probably heard of a shop that goes by the name of Extreme Turbo Systems. If you haven’t, just googling their name will give you the rundown of all of the records that these guys have managed to break with the R35 platform. I think it would be a pretty big understatement to say that they seem to have their stuff together when it comes to this machine and it’s always exciting to watch as an ETS car makes its way down the track of the driver’s choosing.

This time, however, it isn’t exactly a car that’s in it to win it in a race but instead, a little bit of a dyno session that’s hurling into the record books as this particular Nissan is strapped to the rollers and begins to spit out quite a beautiful exhaust note. However, when all is said and done, the power number that’s featured on the screen really blew us out of the water. If you’re curious as to what a 3000+ horsepower Nissan sounds like in action, tune into the video below to hear and see it for yourself.

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