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Even the Amish Love Drifting in the Snow

Sometimes, when the ice and snow begin to lay on the ground and coat everything with a nice and slick surface that can be pretty dangerous but also pretty fun to play in, you sometimes can’t help but go out there with your car or truck and have a good time, laying into the throttle and taking full advantage of the slippery surface below to be able to do a little bit of drifting around and losing control that can end up being a blact. However, as it turns out, not everybody has a car to partake in the fun but at times, even those without a vehicles can still manage to hop in on the action.

This time, we got a little bit of a different scene as this person just happened to pull other phone to record at the right time as they were in the right place when an Amish buggy driver decided that he wanted to get in on the action. As you know, Amish folks don’t use cars to drive around in so this individual made the most of what he had, using his horse and buggy to get down to business, coaxing the horse to move around in such a way that would allow the buggy to slide sideways, making his own fun as the setup would manage to get sideways and provide a thrill in the winter wonderland.

If you follow along the video below, you’ll be able to get a load of what might be the most different drifting display that you have ever seen. I know that, when the snow falls, you can tend to see some pretty unique cars make their way out to make the most of the slick surface but I think this one really takes the cake as the most one-of-a-kind drift that you’ll ever see.