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Ever Wonder What a Super Duty F-350 Raptor Would Look Like? Time to Find Out!

When it comes to the selection of sporty trucks that you have available to go out there and choose from, in this day and age, at least when it comes to the pickup truck market, the Ford Raptor is one of the few remaining vehicles that takes the platform and makes it something insanely sporty and fun to drive. Performance pickup trucks have come and gone here and there with the aim of targeting the go-fast community but these days, it really doesn’t seem like there’s all that much left In this line of vehicles and we don’t blame the automakers for this because it’s probably something that doesn’t really sell all that well as it’s an incredibly niche market. On the other hand, though, we absolutely LOVE them.

With the pickup trucks that we do have, it’s incredibly easy to appreciate them as they are pretty much some of the baddest vehicles to have ever been offered up for sale. The Raptor really packs a heavy punch and has a lot offer but what would you do if you wanted to up your game a little bit? What if you wanted a bigger truck that’s able to haul more of the load and give you more space for everything that life seems to throw at you because that’s the original reason why you bought a pickup truck, after all, right?

This time, we check out a company that takes the liberty of transforming Ford’s Superduty lineup into something really special, not that it isn’t already, but by creating what’s known as the “BA350,” Defco Trucks takes that love for the Raptor and kicks it up a notch, literally making this thing bigger than ever as it takes either a 2017 Ford F250 or 350, tweaks a little bit of everything from suspension to the engine all the way to the body and comes out with something that retains all of the usability of a big super duty truck but there’s a little bit of a twist in the mix that makes it even more interesting.