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What Exactly Makes the LaFerrari Worth $3.5 Million?

There are lots of cars to choose from in this world for each and every want or need. Some of them just so happen to bring along a price tag that will leave jaws on the floor. These cars can cost more money than most people will be able to accrue in their entire lifetime.

Even in the hypercar realm, there are tons of choices to pick from.  At $3.5 million, the LaFerrari stands tall above most in the price range. It’s one of the most exclusive Ferraris to ever exist. What is it about the LaFerrari that makes it worth so much money, though? It just has to be a product of Ferrari’s branding, right? Well, not so fast. This thing has a ton to offer.

Inside and out, the car is an absolute monster. Every last square inch of the car has been designed to blow the mind. The car has come through with flying colors. In fact, Ferrari fans have been so impressed with the platform that the car has more than doubled in value since its release.

From materials used to hybrid power, the people behind this machine have thought of absolutely everything. Absolutely every aspect of this car has been meticulously gone over to make sure that it spits out the ultimate driving experience. The best of the best seem to have focused all of their energy on making this car one that separates itself from the pack. Even for a Ferrari, this one manages to really stand out. Only time will tell but this might just be the greatest Ferrari ever.

By following along with the video below, we get to take a look at one of the most insane examples of a Ferrari ever to exist. This all comes with the keen eye and thoughtful insight of Doug DeMuro.


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