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When Exotic Car Rentals Meet Credit Card Fraud, This Happens!

In a perfect world, we would have everyone be a straight up person who is willing to keep their word. Unfortunately, though, not everyone can be taken at face value. Sometimes, we run into people who are looking to pull a fast one to keep money in their pocket. All of this comes at the expense of someone else and that’s where things can get a little bit complicated. When talking credit cards, it so happens that there is a network of people looking to pull a fast one.

What happens for someone who is on the receiving end of such a situation? When someone cancels a credit card transaction is the seller just left holding the bag. After all, there can be a ton of money on the line to be lost. It turns out that Rob Ferretti is finding out just that. After renting a Ferrari and Mercedes-Benz AMG GT out of his fleet, he ran into a customer that’s a little bit less than honest. After charging their card, this customer decided that they wanted to tell their credit card company that it never happened. It’s definitely not the smoothest way to try and keep some money in your pocket.

In the video below, Rob gives us the skinny on how one confronts such a situation. After all, he’s not about to just throw away the thousands of dollars that had been fraudulently charged. While one would think that this kind of predicament is easily solved, it might be just a touch more difficult than it seems. As a business owner, one can never really know when a customer is going to try and pull a fast one. Knowing what to do and getting a jump start on it can be a good way to make sure you protect yourself!