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Expensive Cars Tangled Up in BIG Wrecks at Spectator Drags

If you’re looking for a little bit of entertainment with automobiles, perhaps the spectator drags is something that you could look into. As opposed to traditional drag racing that goes in a straight line, it’s a little bit more of a circle track race but the idea is relatively the same. Two cars start out and on green, they go for it and in a sort of mini-exhibition to see who can maneuver their way around the track well enough to be able to take home victory.  A lot of times, it’s a lot easier said than done as circle track driving isn’t necessarily something that we would think most of these competitors practice all that often.

Now, you would think that with this sort of racing that definitely has a high chance of a crash, especially when you’re placed on the racing surface with another driver who might have no idea of how they can handle such a course, that people would avoid taking expensive cars out there, however, that’s simply not the case as some folks decide to take the opportunity to risk their vehicle trying out such a ride. The short version of this whole story is that cars don’t necessarily make it out the other side all the time and some of these wrecks end up being kind of hard to watch.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll be able to watch some situations where the spectator drag simply went wrong. From Corvettes to newer pickup trucks and everything in between, some of these accidents definitely had to hurt. It also wouldn’t shock me if some of the cars that got tangled up here still had a loan against them which is always a little bit of extra salt added to the wound.