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Riding Along on the Final Lap of the World’s Deadliest Race

When it comes to racing events, not all are created equal in terms of danger. There are just certain events that really crank up the intensity to an all-new level. Fans can watch in awe as drivers subject themselves to the most dangerous of conditions. All the while, these drivers or riders, in this instance, seem to not break a sweat as they really defy death. Each and every corner is another opportunity for them to lose control. However, nerves of steel prevail and deliver these riders to the finish line in most cases.

In terms of the world’s most deadly races, we look to a race like the Isle of Man TT. Back in 2014, Time Magazine reported that in it’s 107 years of existence there have been 242 fatalities. That’s not hard to imagine when the race commonly hosts 200+ mile per hour sections. One driver was even able to average 135 mph over the course of the race. This means that, even when accounting for slowing down and curves, this driver managed to keep their pace at 135 mph.

This time, thanks to the Lockk9 TT Racing YouTube channel, we’re able to dive straight into the action. Thanks to a conveniently placed camera, we get the absolute best seat in the house. It’s pretty difficult to keep the adrenaline from rushing as we spectate the bike carve in and out of corners on the last lap of the race.

Those familiar with racing realize that the last lap is intense for a variety of reasons. Obviously, everybody wants to win. This means that riders are likely going to be much more aggressive. With an aggressive nature can come some pretty insane situations. Whether it’s cutting the corners a little bit tighter or getting closer to other riders, we’re bound to be in for quite the thrill.