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Experimenting with Foam Filling Tires, Does It Work?

One of the major drawbacks to your typical tire is that it has to hold air in order to work properly. There are seemingly infinite sharp pointy things that are on a mission to release your tire air from its rolling rubber prison, and when they do manage to pierce the tire, you’re pretty much helpless until you get it fixed or swapped.

YouTuber Alex Knappenberger decided to try filling a tire with foam to see if that eliminated the need for that troublesome air. To make sure there is no air in the tire, Alex starts by drilling holes in the sidewall of his lawnmower’s tire and then pumping in a couple of cans of expanding foam. He later learned to activate the expansion, he needed to add a little water inside the tire, so he drilled a few more holes and added even more foam, along with water to help the foam work correctly.

After allowing a few days for the foam to set up and dry, Knappenberger is ready to take it for a spin and see how it holds up, and as you can see in the video, it appears to work like a champ! Despite the tire having several holes, the expanding foam holds it up just fine, allowing Alex to take a ride around his yard!

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