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Sleeper Dodge Work Truck Embarrasses Corvette Owner

It’s no secret that diesel trucks are building a huge performance following, and a huge part of that is the seemingly impossible times some of the throw down at the drag strip.

This clip of this big Dodge Ram – brought to you by our very own BigKleib34 – is a perfect example of why truck owners have fully embraced the quarter mile. Lined up with one of the quickest sports car available today, the torque monster Cummins spools up and leaves this Chevrolet Corvette sitting in it’s exhaust smoke! The Stingray does just manage to eek out the win, driving around the pickup on the top end, but only by the smallest of margins.

When you take into consideration the size, weight, and intended purpose of these polar opposites, the fact that this was even remotely close just proves that diesel performance has made huge strides over the past several years and is likely to continue that trend as more and more truck owners take to the track. We love to see these behemoths laying down these insane ET’s and big top end speeds along side some of the baddest sports cars ever built. We truly are living in a great era for those who like going fast!