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Exploding Batteries in Slow Motion is Mesmerizing to Watch!

When talking about YouTube channels that have managed to continuously create entertaining videos to just grab our attention and hold it, we have to admit that the likes of the Slow Mo Guys always ends up being entertaining as they take interesting scenarios and play them back to us at a fraction of a fraction of real-time speed.

This time, Gav and Dan pick up some batteries and completely ignore all warning labels in the demonstration that you should not try home as they head out to the yard to set them on fire with a torch to see exactly how these lithium batteries will react to the sudden change in heat.

Unlike alkaline batteries, the guys predict that, instead of fizzling out slowly, the lithium batteries will produce a little bit more of an explosion that should make things a little bit more interesting especially when you break out the slow motion camera to capture all of the day’s events.

Let’s get down to it and check out exactly how this thing ended up going! You can see all of the action down in the video below that takes you along for this little experiment that ends up being very mesmerizing to watch when things are slowed down so that we can take life frame by frame and appreciate all that this wild experiment has to offer!

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