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Exploring Junkyard Full of Abandoned Mustangs, Muscle Cars, and Classic Cars

I don’t care who you are, if you can appreciate an automobile in any capacity, you can probably appreciate barn finds as well. It’s just so exciting to go behind the scenes in these abandoned or rundown places. We get to spectate as cars are found that were once glorious and have the potential to be so again. Sometimes, the finds will even come to you from the least expected places like well-manicured garages that just don’t have the means to bring them back to life. Other times, the cars are left to rot in a field.

Take a look around at some of your favorite cars on the road today. Now, imagine those same cars all sitting in a field, dilapidated, with foliage growing around them. That’s exactly the situation at hand here when we check out this classic car graveyard. It’s sporting some of the most amazing cars from the days of old. In this one, we’re exposed to all sorts of old-school cars as we go through a bittersweet trudge through an abandoned junkyard.

Even the machines that don’t really have any more potential provide us with something interesting to look at. They might be mostly rusted at this point, but we can’t help but admire them. Just taking a peek at these cars really leads us to wonder about the kind of life that they’ve been through. How exactly did they go from being a beloved automobile to nothing more than a dilapidated lawn ornament?

This time, the range of machines is far and wide. Be sure to check out the Rustomod video below that takes us inside this unique group of cars that showcases some classics that were kings in their day but now sit, waiting to be parted out as mother nature reclaims many of them.