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New Truck on a Budget – One of the Cheapest New Trucks Money Can Buy is NOT BAD

Each and every year, as technology and the means of production, become more cost-effective, we see the floor elevate for base model vehicles. Long gone are the days when an entry-level vehicle has absolutely no technology or creature comforts. Instead, the market is coming around to a place where base model cars of today are much more luxurious and feature friendly than loaded cars of just a decade or two ago.

This time, we check in with a vehicle that is an incredibly affordable truck by today’s standards. With an entry-level price of $29,200, the Chevrolet Colorado seems like a pretty good deal. At the entry price point, though, what consumers are basically signing up for is what most would consider a work truck.

Clad in white paint and the basic steel wheels with no indication of frills, this truck looks the part of a work truck on the outside. However, as our host at The Fast Lane Truck digs into the truck, we find that there are quite a few things to like. Now, this example, in particular, was outfitted with a few options so it’s not the fully bare-bones basic package. However, our host does point out which features are additional and which ones come with the truck. We find that the digital displays in the cabin, which are standard equipment for 2023, simply have us blown away.

Down below, we check in with this base model truck that features a 2.7L turbocharged four-cylinder boasting nearly 240 hp with 260 lb-ft of torque. While we can definitely tell where the Chevrolet decided that they wanted to save some money with this trim level as compared to some of the fully loaded trucks of the current era, we have to say that Colorado really does come with a strong offering at a pleasant price point.