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Explosive Test: iPhone 5 vs 20 000 Matches!

When it comes to the Mr. Gear YouTube channel, we time to get some of the quirkiest experiment videos around the web with a big portion of his work revolving around blowing things up and destruction. That’s exactly what we have here. With 20,000 matches, who knows what’s going to happen?

The target of the explosion this time just so happens to be everybody’s favorite things to destroy in an iPhone. Now, it isn’t the latest and greatest phone on the market but I think that the iPhone 5 will completely suffice to see what happens when a cell phone is exposed to intense and direct heat.

The base of matches takes a while to construct, we’re sure, but the display all goes down within a couple of seconds as the match stand is ignited and the test is on to see how long this phone will last! Will it melt? Will it explode? Will it just burn to a crisp?

Check out the video down below that brings the experiment, front and center, to unveil how a high-intensity situation like this is going to end! Did the phone end up reacting in the way that you thought it was going to? These poor iPhones are really being subjected to one heck of a beating online these days.