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Extended Top Gun Trailer Sends Us Back in Our Seats With Massive G-Forces

With the way that a lot of stories are told in movies, sometimes, these stories can be expanded upon later. Perhaps, movies are left open-ended. Other times, certain characters might be able to use a little bit more development. A story might benefit from digging deeper into the background of one of its characters. This is where sequels and spinoffs come to life.

With many sequels and spinoffs, we find great entertainment value. However, they need to be done exactly right in order to please an audience. After all, in this situation, with a film as highly regarded as Top Gun, it’s going to need a strong follow-up. We get the feeling that a lot of the original film’s fans will be headed to a movie like this with high expectations. We have seen far too many sequels come to life that didn’t need to exist.

However, with the second installment of Top Gun, we have to say that it really gets us amped up. With a return of some of our favorite characters, Maverick chief among them, we could see an already incredible story expanding. If the original trailer was any indication, it definitely looks like a film worth sinking our teeth into. During the Super Bowl, though, we would watch as an even longer trailer would make its way to the public eye.

Now, I have to admit that I’m one of those people who doesn’t like too much revealed with a trailer. Save some of the excitement for the movie, after all, right?

However, when this one popped up, it was really hard to scroll past. Just thinking of all of the adrenaline that Maverick brought us back in the day, combined with modern film technology, is enough to make us completely geek out.

Seriously, how could someone not be at least a little intrigued by something this big?