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Extreme Rescue Vehicle Aims To Revolutionize Disaster Response

Extreme Rescue Vehicle Aims To Revolutionize Disaster Response

What do you get when you cross a fire truck, an ambulance, a tank, and a Hummer? You get this, the GHE-O RESCUE custom rescue vehicle. I’m not going to lie, this thing is wicked!

Capable of reaching speeds of 100 MPH, the GHE-O RESCUE will be able to get where it needs to be in short order. Holding up to 11 people, the RESCUE will bring all the help needed to tackle whatever situation it may encounter, be it fire, flood, or avalanche. This thing looks to be nearly unstoppable and actually looks pretty cool all the while.

The promo video below doesn’t mention anything about what type of platform the GHE-O is built upon, although it could very well be a custom frame instead of something that’s been adapted. There is also no mention of powertrain specs, although the smart money is on some time of supercharged or boosted LS. What we do know is that the GHE-O looks the part, sounds the part, and if it’s an inventor is to be believed, it’s more than capable of backing up all the claims he’s made for its abilities.

The massive 3.2-ton behemoth can be fitted with fire-fighting water tanks that hold 200 gallons, or it can be equipped with stretchers and another emergency medical equipment. The wheels can be fitted with air bladders to make the truck float, and the rear wheels can also be swapped for tracks, which would likely be more practical in the snow.

It remains to be seen if this monster will be adopted and put into service, but there’s no denying it looks and sounds the part. We’ll keep an eye out for more info about what lies beneath the bodywork on this thing, as well as info about it being put into full production in the future.