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Extremely Fast Turbo Go Kart Whips Donuts Like Nothing!

Whether you are wrenching on one of the most expensive exotic cars that money can buy or something as simple as a go-kart, there’s always something that you can do to make it roll just a little bit faster. This time, we check out quite a rowdy little setup as someone seems to have really outdone themselves, taking this kart to the next level entirely, hooking it up with what appears to be a much bigger engine than what it originally came with and the turbo to match. This is basically what looks like an engine with wheels attached to it.

If you go through the trouble of putting together something like that for yourself or heading out to buy one from someone else and spend your hard money, how are you going to drive it? Odds are that you’re going to push this thing to the absolute limit and then some. That’s precisely what we see here as this turbocharged kart rips some donuts, shredding those back tires and turning them to smoke like it’s nothing! Watching this thing roar its way around is nothing short of awesome and definitely would make the majority of gearheads want to hop on board of this incredible machine.

Follow along in the video below and be sure to tell us what you think of this awesome kart that uses the most of its power to go above and beyond in order to be the most impressive version of itself that it can possibly be. After checking this thing out, be sure to tell us what you think of the design including the engine that seems to sit right between your legs (seems sketchy!) and if you’d dare to take this thing for spin, piloting it at wide open throttle as all of those hot parts are sitting just feet away from you!