Fabricator Creates ’63 Nova Out of Raw Sheet Metal

As automotive fanatics, we would tend to think that metal fabrication in any form is ...

As automotive fanatics, we would tend to think that metal fabrication in any form is the artwork. Being able to come up with a perfect weld is nothing short of pure artistry. Outside of the world of car guys and girls, though, there might not be a ton of people who could see it.

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This time, though, we check out a fabricator who was really taking things to the next level. Anybody with a set of eyes in their head could tell that this creation is nothing short of a masterpiece. With what appears to have started out as raw metal, the finished product paints a different picture.

When all is said and done, these simple pieces of metal have been converted into a car. It’s not just any car but instead, a classic Chevy 2 Nova! There aren’t many people who could see a couple of pieces of sheet metal and picture a finished product like this.

From top to bottom, this custom work is incredibly detailed. For starters, we see a functioning trunk. From there, it leads to a detailed interior and even a roll cage. Rotating around to the front, we find that the hood even opens and underneath, there is a custom-built V8 engine that has also risen in the garage from raw materials. It even has a blower on top!

With all of the attention to detail, this one had to take some incredible ability and lots of time. By following along with the video below, we’re able to catch up with the creation from Rushizle Metal Resurrection that really comes to life.

We had to watch this one several times. Upon the first look, we were impressed. However, with every watch of the video, we find a new detail that really shows just how much care went into this one! No stone was left unturned in the creation of this work of art!

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Posted by Rushizle Metal Resurrection on Sunday, May 3, 2020

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