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Fan Favorite Stevie Fast Wins WSOPM Burnout Contest In Spectacular Fashion

This weekend marked the second annual World Series of Pro Mod presented by Drag Illustrated. DI front man and all around good fellow Wes Buck brought his vision to life for a massive event showcasing one of the most popular classes in all of drag racing: Pro Mod!

Of course, if you’re talking about NHRA legal pro mod, which is how the cars at the WSOPM were set up, then you also have one of the most popular drivers in all of drag racing: Steve “Stevie Fast” Jackson in his beloved Shadow Camaro. Always a favorite among fans whether it be racing the car on radials at Duck X Productions’ events, chasing glory on the NHRA’s Real Pro Mod circuit, or looking to capitalize on his “No-Eff’s-Given” approach for the ultra popular burnout contest at the WSOPM.

When it came time to throw down the longest, smokiest, loudest and most ridiculous burnouts possible, Stevie knew his fans would expect nothing less than the win, and by God he freakin’ sent it too!

Stevie pulled the Camaro into the water box, coated the tires to get them nice and wet, then dropped the hammer and didn’t let up until way, way, waayyyyy past the 1/8th mile. As you can see, the car began to build quite a head of steam, likely reaching speeds well over 100 mph without the rear tires actually being in contact with the track surface.

The car starts to get a little sideways before Stevie pulls a move that sends the fans and legendary announcer Al Tucci into a tizzy: he actually dumped the chutes mid-burnout to keep the car straight! The laundry pulls the car back straight and Jackson lets the blown hemi scream for all it’s worth until the tires finally catch up with the track and the smoke show ends wayyyyyy down track.

This is just one reason why the WSOPM is quickly becoming a must-see event for so many, and will only continue to grow as it reaches more and more fans!


Stevie Fast doing what he does best. Entertaining people at World Series of Pro Mod

Posted by No Prep Nation on Friday, August 10, 2018

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