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Walk A Day In The Shoes Of Antron Brown

Since we first met Antron Brown last season, we’ve been enthralled by his exceptional personality and instant likability. With the three-time Top Fuel world champion flying the Speed Society colors, we get to see him in his natural element, working his butt off to not only build his relationships with his sponsors but being an ambassador for the sport in general, a role he couldn’t be more perfect for.

Brown does a great job of connecting with fans of all ages and levels of experience within the sport, from grizzled gearheads who’ve been around the sports since before Brown was born to young kids just getting their first experience of tire smoke at the track. From before sun up to after sunset, Brown made appearance after appearance to bring the sport we love right into the fans’ living rooms as well as getting up close and personal with them whenever possible.

AB hit the ground running, making his first television appearance before sunrise before heading to grab a quick bite, then on to appearance number two at yet a local Vegas radio station just as daylight begins to shine. From there, Brown heads to another radio interview, a second television interview then rolls out to the track for a special promotional video alongside another top fuel car and a pair of funny cars to promote the first time The Strip at Las Vegas Motorsports Park hosted a four-wide event.

That was followed by a meet and greet at a local Papa Johns restaurant which featured a tutoring session in dough tossing with Papa John himself, John Schnatter. Antron built his own pizza, then finally called it a day after scarfing down his pizza. AB likely headed to the hotel shortly after this video concluded, hitting the bed to get himself some sleep before another long day or running around like a madman in the name of bettering the sport itself. That’s why we love us some Antron here at Speed Society.