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Fan Tries To Fight Kyle Busch Over The Weekend In Bristol During A Heated Post-Race Altercation.

Kyle Busch made it clear long ago he isn’t on the race track to make friends, he’s there to win. Looking at his track record, he’s done plenty of winning, but also a lot of hard racing to get those wins, the type of racing some fans view as selfish and dangerous. Busch hasn’t let that slow him down or cause him to hold back on the track though.

Last weekend at the Bass Pro Shops/NRA Night Race held at the famed Bristol Motor Speedway, Busch had raced his way back to within striking distance of the lead after a lap 2 spin that caused some pretty heavy damage to his #18 Toyota Camry.

As we all know, laps go by quickly a Bristol, the only short track left on the NASCAR schedule, so Busch and fellow front runners Martin Truex, Jr and Clint Bowyer were clicking off nearly 4 laps per minute and jostling for position when Busch’s nose got into Truex’s rearend and sent the #78 Bass Pro Shops car into the inside wall, ending any chance he had of winning the race.

This move, although seemingly unintentional watching the replay, didn’t sit well with the fans, many of whom have jumped on board the Truex bandwagon after his championship run last season. Later in the race, when Busch would cut a tire and spin into the wall, ending his night, the fans cheered loudly, voicing their distaste for the M&M’s driver.

Later that evening, after the race, which was won by Kyle’s brother Kurt, a group of fans gathered in the infield began to heckle Kyle as he made his way through the area, prompting the driver to step off the golf cart and confront one of them. The fan delivered a hard shove to the driver before security intervened to separate the two and Busch returned to his golf cart and rode away. The fans all seem to be on the same page, though, proving yet again that while he’s leading the points, he hasn’t done too much to make friends. Something tells me he doesn’t really care too much, though.