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Farmtruck and AZN Show You How Not to Raise a Flag | Street Outlaws

No matter what Farmtruck and AZN are up to, it always seems like these guys are interesting to watch. Even in this situation that has them doing something as simple as trying to raise a flag, we can’t help but be excited about riding along with the antics.

When the guys get a new custom “Farmtruck and AZN” design flag to go right alongside their stars & stripes hanging out front of the shop, they have to head straight out to the flagpole and get it up there as quickly as possible to give their place an all-new look but it isn’t as easy as it sounds!

Instead of getting the flag up the right way, they somehow managed to collaborate to hang the flag upside down. Normally, an upside-down flying flag indicates a time of the distress so they might want to get it back down as quickly as possible and hang it in the right way so nobody thinks that their Chevrolet C10 is in danger!

Check out the video below that details the antics from two of Your Favorite Street Outlaws as they get a new adornment for the shop that we think will definitely spruce the place up a little bit! I’m not sure that there’s anything that these two could get into that wouldn’t have us entertained to the fullest extent of the concept!