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Street Outlaws – Deleted Scene – Farmtruck Gets Racemaster Advice

Whenever Big Chief has to step away from his role as Racemaster on Discovery Channel’s Street Outlaws, somebody has to step in to organize and flag the races. As a show of respect and to make sure he doesn’t have everybody calling for his head, Farmtruck stopped by Midwest Streetcars Automotive to get some words of advice from Chief himself about how to handle the upcoming race night.

This clip was posted about three years ago, when Kamikaze first took the ElCo and began to get it back into list-worthy shape. He has got the car up and running and is ready to take a shot at the #10 spot to return the car back to the Top 10. However, he’s not the only one wanting shot. Freakin’ Rican has his Mustang tuned up and is wanting to take a shot at the list as well. With two suitable cars fighting for a chance to jump into the last spot, Chief and Farmtruck agree that the two should race each other first for the right to call out Varley, who’s got the tenth spot locked down.

If you’ve followed the show, you know that Kamikaze is still on the list today, while Varley and Freakin’ Rican haven’t been seen or heard from in quite some time, so you can guess how the actual race night played out, and you will have to since this clip doesn’t show that.

Farmtruck went on to handle his Racemaster duties flawlessly, Kamikaze outran Rican, then Varley and started the ElCo on a slow progression from a small tire car that lingered around the bottom half of the list to a legit contender for the top 5. And now we know he’s taken an ever bigger step, swapping the car from its nitrous powerplant to a badass twin turbo combo that just might have him competing for the top spot if things go as planned. We’ll have to see how that plays out, but in the meantime, you can catch Kamikaze, Farmtruck, Big Chief and the rest of the OKC crew on Monday nights on Discovery Channel.