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The Mordoor Nova is Back in Action with FNA!

Hanging out with Farmtruck and AZN always ends up being a blast, even if it’s through a YouTube video. Even when things don’t pan out the way that we all expect, the journey is more than worth it in most cases. Within these journeys, we find all sorts of crazy and off-the-wall rides that the duo has become synonymous with

This time, we check out one of their crazy builds that really has evolved. From what we can remember, the “Mordoor Nova” was built as a sort of a joke to emulate the famed “Murder Nova” except with two extra doors!

I guess that it turns out that things spiraled out of control a little bit and the car has actually become pretty wicked. Mordoor has gotten some love with a little bit of nitrous and a beast of a transmission behind the Marc Brown power plant. Step-by-step, the machine has really become something worth watching! I guess that’s not bad when you consider that it was originally built as a prank.

(Side note: How many other people do you know that would go this above and beyond to pull a prank?)

In this one, we catch up with a bit of progress on the car and a couple of necessary updates. In a day and age where everything seems to be craziness, just having the opportunity to follow along with some lighthearted shenanigans from Farmtruck and AZN really helps break up the negativity! It’s definitely amazing that the power of YouTube allows us to connect with our favorite racers in a way like never before.

Be sure to dial in with the action below from the official FarmtruckandAZN YouTube channel. It seems as if the guys are certainly making the most of their time in quarantine by building beasts like this!

Photo credit – Jerald Boyd