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Opinions among fans of the Fast and Furious franchise regarding its most recent installment are likely to vary widely. However, when assessing the numbers, it becomes evident that the Fast Universe is experiencing a notable decline in global audience interest, particularly within the American market.

As the franchise has churned out ten installments of what has become a somewhat repetitive storyline, recent entries have veered off course, losing touch with the series’ original narrative. The once-thriving American audience has dwindled significantly.

Despite this decline, the franchise, known for its past financial success, appears unwilling to throw in the towel. Instead, there seems to be a concerted effort to make a last-ditch attempt to win back audiences, potentially by returning to the roots that made the series a box office powerhouse.

Craig Lieberman, the technical director from the early Fast and Furious films, has emerged as an expert on all things related to the franchise. On his YouTube channel, he provides insights into the behind-the-scenes workings of the films and stays abreast of the latest developments. According to Lieberman, the franchise is purportedly planning a return to street racing.

Recent reports suggest that Fast 11 will undergo significant budget cuts, limiting the extravagant global travel, costly stunt sequences, and star-studded Hollywood cast that became synonymous with the franchise. While some may view this as a drawback, it could be an opportunity for the series to rediscover its creativity and return to its foundational elements.

Lieberman speculates that Fast 11 might indeed involve street racing but hints at the possibility of a plot centered around a single heist. This potential shift back to the franchise’s roots has generated curiosity among fans, wondering if it will mark a creative revitalization for the Fast and Furious series.

In the video below, Lieberman spills the beans, offering detailed insights into the latest developments surrounding the 11th installment in the Fast universe.

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