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Craig Lieberman’s Talks Struggles and Cost to Build Fast and Furious Replica Car in 2022 (+Gives Tips!)

If we were to walk around a car meet and ask each enthusiast if they were a fan of the Fast and Furious franchise in some capacity, we would venture to think that there would be a large number of people to answer “yes.” After all, it was this franchise that originally got a lot of people into the world of cars and there is a reason why they keep making movies 20 years later.

Because of the widespread love for this franchise and the great nostalgia that it’s beginning to bring, the cars that were found in the film are going up in value. If one were to purchase something that was used on set, we’d wish them good luck finding something for less than $100,000. The most prized examples are going to bring a lot more than that so they are out of reach for a large number of enthusiasts and are most likely purchased by investors.

However, for those looking for a little bit of Fast and Furious to add to their own personal garage, there are still our options out there. Many folks like to partake in a replica car build, constructing something very similar to what was seen on screen without it being the actual car.

Even though exact parts are getting harder and more expensive to come by in order to build a replica, it’s still going to be a lot cheaper than going out and buying a movie car.

This time, Craig Lieberman, the technical director for early Fast and Furious films, puts together a video explaining exactly how the replica build process works. From which parts to collect first to which cars would be the most and least expensive to replicate, this video spills the beans on the entire process for those who might be looking to dip their toes in the water.


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