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Fast And The Furious Presents: “Hobbs And Shaw” Trailer Released

What all started as an action flick following some low rent crime and a family that was in the street racing scene with a little bit of undercover cop action thrown into the mix has turned into one of the most successful film franchises of all time. While it seems like we’ve gotten quite a far but away from that original storyline, it’s hard to deny the success of the Fast and Furious franchise. Up until now, the films have all followed one another in sequence, introducing different characters to the mix as we’ve seen them bring on some big Hollywood names.

Coming this summer, though, we will see the first deviation from the story that the Furious franchise is going to throw at us. Sure, the story has certainly taken some weird twists and turns up until this point but this time, we get to see the first example of the story really branching out and telling the background of some of the characters that we have come to know in more recent films.

With Hobbes and Shaw, we see a star-studded spinoff that has none other than Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson fighting alongside Jason Statham as they join the forces of good and evil in order to save the world once again from an even bigger evil played by Idris Elba.

It looks like the franchise really building up to have a sort of Marvel Cinematic Universe feel to their storyline, deviating just a bit in a story that we have a feeling might come crashing back down into the main plotline later on in what is now being called the “Furious Universe.” This spinoff may just be a very welcome addition to the franchise for fans who might have been getting a little bit bored with the whole thing after 8 movies have dropped.