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Ken Block’s Favorite Part of Hoonitruck – 1 of 1 3D Printed Intake Manifold

As a component has seen a longer lifespan of use under the hood of an automobile, naturally, there’s going to be different ways to make said component. As different materials might be introduced into the equation or potentially new means of production, this results in a world where we’re going to not only have parts that are better in different ways but also, parts that might be more accessible on the price front. If something like 3-D printing really takes off, current intakes that will then be deemed old technology will be up for grabs at a more competitive price than what we currently see today. All this forward progress is certainly exciting from the perspective of a gearhead.

Now, from what we’ve seen out of 3-D printing so far, it has made some pretty cool things happen but doesn’t seem to be refined to the point where it can be used at scale on components that are really going to take a beating. Just to put things in perspective, this time, we take a look at the first-ever 3-D printed metal car part that has ever been made and also implemented into a running vehicle. That makes the intake manifold that is strapped down to the top of the engine on Ken Block’s Hoonitruck a special piece of engineering indeed.

The part that Block says might even be his favorite of the whole creation had been printed layer by layer. With the help of Ford Performance, it came to life in a process that is said to have been not possible without the aid of 3-D printing. When hearing concepts like that, it’s pretty hard not to get excited about the future and what could potentially come when this technology gets more and more refined. Who knows? There might even come a day and age where we’re able to print out our very own parts from the comfort of our own homes.