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Fast F-22 Raptor Afterburner Flybys & Freefall Floating… THAT is a Badass Fighter Jet!

Just when you thought that you had that little thing called physics out, into your sight blasts a fighter jet that seems to do everything in its power to defy gravity. This thing is engineered for greatness so that it can slice through the sky with reckless abandon, having its way with gravity as it zips around in the atmosphere, contorting in just about every way that you could possibly imagine! These machines were built with one purpose in mind, that purpose being to effortlessly make their way through the sky to provide the most efficient ride possible!

Seriously, watching this $339-million F-22 Raptor do loops and suspend itself in midair is a sight that takes a moment for the brain to process. Sometimes, it’s hard to tell, but when you’re able to get a solid reference point to see how the plane is moving, it will really open up the comparison so that you can have a sort of reference point to compare it to what you already know – I guess that’s what years upon years of research and millions of dollars in engineering will get you. It’s incredibly scary to think that this is a design that they’re still trying to improve upon every day. Just imagine a version of this already outrageous machine on steroids!

Witness the annihilation of physics for yourself in the video below and tell us what you think of this seemingly weightless aircraft slicing through the air like a hot knife through butter. Personally, I could kick back and watch these pilots go to work all day! These guys most certainly have quite the grip on how to throw machines like this through the sky and make them look like the mechanical heroes that they were built to be! Would you hop in and go for a ride?