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Fast X Easter Eggs & Details You MISSED In The Trailer

The Fast and the Furious started out as a car enthusiast favorite series that held its roots deep in the street racing community but has definitely since taken on a different face. In fact, the franchise has taken viewers all over the world through all sorts of different crazy stunts and locales. It’s wild how a movie about stealing electronics and street racing in Los Angeles has evolved into high-level espionage that has taken its stars to countries around the globe.

For those who are wondering where exactly the franchise might take us next, they can look to the trailer for the next installment, Fast Xas an indicator of what’s in store.

Every time a trailer comes out for a film in this franchise, it’s fun to take a deeper dive into it, observing the background and different characters to see what one might expect. It’s from these details that we can learn about returning characters, new characters, and even if some of our favorite cars are going to make another appearance on the screen.

This time, it’s our host at Films Express who takes a dive into the next installment of the world of The Fast and the Furious to see exactly what fans might be in store for when the film is released. While many fans are hoping to have the franchise come closer to its roots than it has in recent installments, it’s hard to say for sure if they’ll get their wish. Some of the signs do point in that direction, though.

Below, we check in with the video that attempts to pull the trailer for Fast X apart, piece by piece, to see if there’s a hint or two about what might exactly happen in the last few films of the Fast saga. Fast X will drop in theaters on May 19, 2023.

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