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The Original “The Fast and the Furious” Supra Sold at Barrett-Jackson!

Over the past month or so, the hype has been building as one of the most iconic cars of all time has been promising to make its way to the auction block. For a wide variety of automotive enthusiasts, the Fast and the Furious films were a jumping-off point that really sparked an interest in car culture. Sure, at this point, we look back and realize that maybe they weren’t exactly 100% factually accurate. In any case, they still provided that little spark nonetheless.

Naturally, as time would tell, one of the most iconic cars from the series to this day is that orange Toyota Supra driven by Paul Walker in the original film. As the Supra squared off as one of the two machines at the top of the pyramid with Dominic Toretto’s black Dodge Charger, it has gone down in automotive folklore as legend.

The fact that the automotive community absolutely fell in love with the actor behind the character as well definitely bolsters the value of the car. As unfortunate as it might be, once a celebrity passes away, anything that they’ve touched is likely to bring more value. The Supra appears to be one of the inclusions to that rule.

The car itself is pretty special as well. As we learned in a feature from the technical directior of the original Fast and Furious film, Craig Lieberman, the car is currently the best example that has come up for sale. In the lineage of Supras from the original film, it comes in second but the original hero is in a private collection that we’re not sure will ever come up for auction.

So, just how much would somebody be willing to pay for a piece of movie history? Well, down in the video below, we watch the auction unfold as Barrett-Jackson goes full steam ahead and the bids rack up to a mind-blowing $500,000.