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Fastest But Most Dangerous way to Detail Your Engine

While many car fanatics can spend hours upon hours detailing and cleaning their car inside and out, the engine bay might just be one of the most common places on a car that is neglected and left to collect grime and dust, making it all that much more embarrassing when you pop your hood.

Now, figuring out how to detail your engine bay could turn out to be a tedious process but this time, we have come across a guy who seems to have his own DIY method that makes the complex process a dandy. However, he does claim it to be a little bit dangerous to try.

By covering up a sensor that he doesn’t think he really wants to get wet and going head-to-head with this engine bay and some industrial cleaner, the man begins to fight off the dirt with a vengeance, making sure that his engine bay is clean enough to eat off of.

Check out the method for yourself down in the video below and tell us if you think that this is something that you would ever try on your own engine bay. We think that this tutorial might prove to be just crazy enough to work!