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Fastest Recorded Speed In A C8 Corvette 205MPH!

When it comes to cruising along at incredibly high speeds, this isn’t Hennessy Performance’s first rodeo. in fact, they have been known to take a whole variety of platforms and really stretch the legs out on them. Time and time again, Hennessey has proven to be the first to be able to take all sorts of models to insane heights.

This time, they’re at it yet again with one of the most popular cars on the market. The subject of discussion this time just so happens to be the C8 Chevrolet Corvette. 200 mph is pretty impressive by any stretch of the imagination. Being able to do it in a car that is mostly in the same condition as it was when it rolled off of the assembly line is even more impressive.

Therefore, Hennessey and company would take to the Continental Tire Proving Grounds with the help of driver John Heinricy in order to try and push the limits. With a little dose of nitrous added to the equation, the Corvette would have its throttle cracked wide open, gunning for greatness. Before we knew it, the car was accelerating and quickly targeting that 200 mph mark. We found it rather impressive how effortless it seemed for the Chevrolet to push toward that limit.

By following along with a video below, we get to join in for the journey to 200. When all was said and done and the dust had settled, the 205 mph is where the record for the C8 platform now resides. Just imagine how fast one of these things can be pushed with even more extensive modification. Remember, as of now, the platform can’t even be tuned yet. Unless Hennessey has managed to hook up a standalone system which we haven’t heard any grumblings, of the Corvette, is still under the direction of factory tuning.

A video like this can’t help but get us excited about the future of what we’re going to see with the Corvette.