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FASTEST Street Car Ever? 2200HP GTR 60-130MPH in 2.5s on the Street

There are some cars that we just can’t help but be impressed by. For example, The Nissan GT-R has been a staple of the performance community for years. As the machine remains relatively unchanged for over a decade, it still reigns as king of the performance community. Putting down big power to all four wheels, straight out of the box, the car is already something to be wowwed by.

Things get even more noteworthy when a little bit of modification is thrown in direction of the car. This time, we get the opportunity to really dig into one of these cars that have really been pushed to a place that is fast by most standards.

Simply being fast isn’t where it stops, though.

This is when we get to the conversation of what a “Streetcar” is. The term gets thrown around far too much in the racing community. There is sure to be some disagreement about what really makes a streetcar but this GT-R’s place in that category is pretty indisputable.

It’s no stretch of the imagination to see this thing perusing the streets on a regular basis. The machine offers a full interior and full weight combination. When combined with an impressive 2200 hp, though, the Nissan is able to get down a quarter-mile in a hurry. In fact, we’re informed that it has been 7.7-seconds to the quarter at a speed of 191 mph.

By following along with the video below from That Racing Channel, we get to dig into this monster and see exactly what it is that makes it a killer on the streets and on the track alike. When we think in terms of platforms that have been more impactful than the Nissan GT-R, there aren’t too many that find a way on the list.

FASTEST Street Car Ever! 2200HP GTR 60-130MPH in 2.5s on the Street (MIND BLOWING ACCELERATION)

FASTEST Street Car Ever! 2200HP GTR 60-130MPH in 2.5s on the Street (MIND BLOWING ACCELERATION)

Posted by That Racing Channel on Monday, September 28, 2020


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