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Fastest Things That Shouldn’t Have Engines

For those who enjoy tinkering around in the garage, building things to go fast, there’s a general blueprint in place for those who want to partake. A few internet searches reveal numerous projects repeatedly done, leading to seriously fast sets of wheels.

However, there are some among us whose brains work a little differently. These individuals don’t want to follow the common path; instead, they opt for the road less traveled, bringing a unique twist to the world.

This can involve using a different vehicle than the rest of the crowd or creating a unique and unconventional vehicle. Of course, the latter option presents more challenges, but the result can be something that truly turns heads. I mean, how can you compete with the world’s fastest office desk?


Donut’s crew recently explored creations prompting creators to ask, “Why not?” Discovering and delving into these ideas became their focus. in a sea of people who typically ask “Why?” Admittedly, in terms of functional purpose, it’s hard to see how a couch, shopping cart, or toilet with the highest top speeds around could serve much of a practical purpose. However, some of them end up being surprisingly cool and entertaining to watch in motion.

In a recent video from the Donut YouTube channel, the crew is joined by the creator of the world’s fastest desk as they explore a series of different contraptions, each with an engine that probably shouldn’t have one in the first place.

Some of these creations look downright sketchy, while others appear to be engineered by professionals. So, after watching a video like this, which one of these wild rides are you most likely to hop on board and take a test drive with? Follow – thenoelmiller / donutmedia