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New Cybertruck: Towing Concerns Tow Model Y

While Tesla may give the impression of a well-established brand, the realm of electric vehicles is still in its infancy. It has only been 16 years since the first mass-produced Tesla model rolled into the streets.

Despite the apparent advantages of this technology, it’s crucial to temper excitement and acknowledge the inevitable drawbacks along the way. As with any evolving technology, there will be hurdles to overcome, particularly as electric vehicles undergo mass adoption.

One significant concern within the realm of electric vehicles is towing capacity, a pivotal consideration for truck buyers. Traditionally, those eyeing trucks prioritize the ability to haul substantial loads over extended distances. Unfortunately, initial tests of electric vehicles’ towing trailers have been far from flawless, with notable incidents, such as the Ford Lightning’s public towing test debacle.

So, has the Lightning cast an unforgettable dark shadow over the industry, or is this something that everyone will be able to recover from?

Signs indicate that electric auto manufacturers are learning from these early challenges to enhance the future of electric trucks. Enter the Tesla Cybertruck, one of the latest additions to the market. A recent video by YouTube creator VoyageATX showcases the Cybertruck’s towing capabilities. In this visual exploration, a Tesla Model Y is loaded onto a trailer and hitched to the Cybertruck for a towing trial.

The host shares towing insights, expressing satisfaction with electric towing monsters’ robust torque, a common sentiment throughout the video. The highlight, however, surfaces when the host delves into the discussion about the Cybertruck’s range while towing. For a detailed breakdown of the crucial details that paint the picture, we turn to the video below. Not only does the video give us the raw data but also provides a ride-along so we can see what the experience is like firsthand.