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Ferrari 488 With Novitec Exhaust Screams on the Dyno

Across the car community, there are lots of vehicles that one could fall in love with. Perhaps the angles of the body give you something to absolutely feast your eyes on or maybe it’s the feeling of the interior. One of the most noticeable aspects of a car, as it rolls down the street, could be the sound that it makes coming from the exhaust. The simple tone of an exhaust note can really make or break a car.

With that, performance enthusiasts generally will pick out parts based on how they might make a car sound. Most of the time, this isn’t the entire purpose of purchasing a part. However, when it comes to something like an exhaust system, naturally, the person purchasing it is going to really care about how it makes the note of their car hit the ears.

In fact, some folks care so much about the sound that their vehicle makes that they’re willing to spend thousands of dollars on these exhaust systems. Naturally, with a car like a Ferrari, there is an associated Ferrari tax that owners are going to pay. The more expensive the car, the more aftermarket producers like to mark up the parts. In this case, we couldn’t find this exact exhaust system but similar systems from the same company or selling for somewhere in the ballpark of $10,000-$20,000. Imagine dropping enough money to buy another car on an exhaust system alone!

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll be able to see exactly how a Ferrari 488 Pista fitted with a Novitec Rosso exhaust brings its own unique flavor to the table. As automotive enthusiasts, it’s hard to turn away from something that sounds like this. That scream is something that we could listen to for hours on end!

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