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Ferrari Hybrid Test Mule Evades Aggressive Spotters Who Want a Video

When a new model of a car is about to come out that we’re excited about, seeing the test mule can be an exhilarating time. It really becomes a moment when car enthusiasts turn into detectives. We all look upon the mule, trying to find any hint that we can of what’s about to come in the next upcoming model. However, as is the nature of such a vehicle, the company behind it doesn’t want us to know anything. They would probably rather keep everything under wraps until the actual reveal. This is why they spend so much time and effort in disguising the cars that they have out and about testing.

For one company, they’re having quite a busy year. Apparently, Ferrari is supposed to be debuting five new models this year. We saw the release of the F8 Tributo earlier in 2019. Now, we have four more to come. This means that enthusiasts are still incredibly enticed with what might be released from the supercar creator. This time, we get the chance to maybe get a little bit of a taste of one of the next upcoming releases. Apparently, the driver of this mule wasn’t too happy about being filmed, though. It ended up making for an entertaining show to say the least.

By following along with the video below, we get to tune in with a little bit of a car chase. Currently, under wraps here is one of Ferrari’s new hybrid models slated to come out later this year. Well, at least that’s what most of the speculation says. When the curious owner of a Ferrari 488 ended up spotting this mule, they wanted to get a closer look. However, the driver of the mule took off when he saw the pursuit.