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Finding a Classic T-Bird Underwater

It’s pretty crazy to think about all of the cars in this world that have simply been lost in the wilderness. Whether it’s stashed in the desert far away, abandoned in the jungle, or soaking in the sea, there are probably millions of vehicles out there that are simply forgotten about.

This time, Adventures with Purpose. is at it again and going after an old school ride. The slight plot twist is that this 1967 Ford Thunderbird has been living underwater. Therefore, the recovery is going to be a bit more difficult than simply pulling it up on a trailer.

This time, it’s time for the car, no matter what the story, to make its way out of the water. Recoveries like this are anything but simple. Due to all of the pressure applied by the water, it isn’t a straight forward yank out of the abyss. Instead, the car has to be manipulated in such a way as to take on the force with finesse.

In the recovery effort here, though, those taking it on aren’t taking no for an answer. In turn, it appears as if they have a little bit better equipment for the job at hand than most. These guys have certainly taken on a recovery or two before and it shows. As usual, though, this one certainly presents its fair share of challenges. We’re no experts but we would venture to say that every recovery is unique in its own way. It’s important to be patient because one false step forward could mean more than one step back.

This one hasn’t seen the light of day in quite some time. In this video, we get to follow along with the recovery effort along with seeing exactly what a Thunderbird stored underwater for decades looks like.

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