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Fireball Camaro Testing for Outlaw Armageddon 2017 – BigRob Entertainment

Ryan Martin and the Fireball Camaro took the 405 Top 10 list by storm last season on Street Outlaws, reaching the pinnacle of the most well known Top 10 list in all of racing, though he would eventually fall from the top spot, which is now held by Chuck and the Death Trap. However, the Fireball is no one trick street pony, as the car is also a beast on the track at no prep events and has been a contender among the baddest radial cars in the world when Martin decided to bolt up some radials and take on the small tire world.

In order to make sure the no prep tune in the car was on point, Martin and the Fireball crew signed up for the Thursday test session held at Thunder Valley Raceway Park leading up to Outlaw Armageddon. As one of the largest and most coveted no prep shootouts, Armageddon brings out some of the biggest names in no prep, including most of the Street Outlaws stars from both shows in the franchise. There are several shootouts on Friday and the main event, the All Star Invitational that would be pushed to Sunday, along with the High Roller Race, due to rain on Saturday, so Thursday testing is a great chance for the drivers and tuners to get some data to use going into the actual racing.

You can tell Martin and company have the car dialed in pretty closely from the get go, as the first hit looks nearly picture perfect as Ryan blasts into the hazy Oklahoma afternoon. On the second run, Ryan has to pedal the car quickly when it eases out of the groove, but he quickly gathers it up and lays down a nice run out the back door. The data must have been solid, because Martin would end up taking the win in the High Roller Shootout Sunday evening when he took out Drag Week legend Larry Larson, who actually jumped the start when his thumb slipped off the transbrake button while he was bumping in to stage.