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Fireball Camaro VS Lizzy Musi In Close Race

The No Prep Kings are making their way across the country, hitting stops at drag strips from coast to coast as filming for the show’s second season and beyond. The popular Street Outlaws spinoff has built quite an audience and is continues to draw fans as they criss-cross the nation for their events. Last weekend, the show rolled into Maple Grove Raceway in Mohnton, Pennsylvania, where one of the featured matchups was captured by National No Prep Racing Association’s camera in the stands.

Ryan Martin in the badass twin turbo Fireball Camaro, last season’s NPK points runner up, has been on a mission to push past Birdman and the rest of the field to claim the title this year. But to get to the championship, you have to take on all comers, especially a certain black Camaro out of southern Mississippi.

While it may look different and be riding on a different chassis, the black Camaro in the near lane shares the heart and soul of Kye Kelley’s Shocker, the third generation Camaro that has been known for busting the 405 crew right in the mouth at every opportunity. Aftershock, the name of this car that was built specifically for no prep racing, is being driven by Kelley’s Pro Nitrous World Record-holding girlfriend Lizzy Musi, making for a lethal combination for the car in the other lane…

… most of the time.

If you pause the video below at just the right moment, you can actually see that Musi straps a massive holeshot on Martin, clearly moving before he does. However, even with a massive Pat Musi nitrous engine under the hood, Martin manages to drive back around just at the stripe and take the win in a great side-by-side drag race that had to be decided by mere inches. As the announcer said, this race alone was worth the price of admission!