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Firetruck cuts roundabout by going over it, only in Russia

In this day and age, it seems like everybody simply just happens to be in a hurry and as this video demonstrates, that idea holds true for this firefighter as well. This time, we catch up with a demonstration that shows the most in-a-rush firefighters that we might have ever seen.

We watch from a security camera that is in the most conveniently placed location as this fire truck approaches a roundabout in which it’s expected to make its way around the center but instead blazes straight through it. In the process, it almost rams into another car!

What really happened here is truly a mystery but we will give these guys the benefit of the doubt and say that wherever they were going was incredibly important in order to make them pull off something like this. Either that or the guy behind the wheel of this fire truck completely fell asleep and missed his mark on this one.

Check out the security footage down in the video below that shows off the act and tell us if you can decipher what actually happened here. As of now it kind of remains a mystery for the time being.